Jore Booy


Portfolio projects

Lukas Ezendam

A portfolio project
Lukas Ezendam
Time : 2019, 2021

Lukas Ezendam is a Dutch graphic designer based in Amersfoort.

Collaborations with SDG

SDG Routekaart

Time : September - October 2018

A webpage for SDG Charter involving the roadmap for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, from now to 2030!


Time : July - August 2018

ToerMee is an initiative for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs).

Collaborations with DieTwee
Time : March - May 2019 was designed with it's unique purpose in mind. I helped realize the interactive home page.


Hi! I'm a freelance Web Developer (also part of Toptal) and Computer Science Student in my masters. I previously was a Front-End Developer at Dutch Coding Company.